During the surgical procedure known as an osteotomy rhinoplasty, the bone in the patient’s nose is “broken” with an instrument called an osteotome, which is designed to cut through bone. An osteotomy nose job is a delicate procedure that a facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience should only be attempted.

The most common type of rhinoplasty surgery can resize and reshape the nose, but osteotomy can change the bones’ position in the nose. This is in contrast to the reshaping and resizing that may be achieved with traditional rhinoplasty surgery. An nose osteotomy (เสริม จมูก ตอก ฐาน, which is the term in Thai) operation may be recommended in cases when nasal abnormalities, such as a nasal fracture or other types of nasal injury need to be addressed. This treatment can also handle a significant nasal hump, which, when viewed from the front, gives the appearance that your nose is larger than it is.

After surgery for a nasal osteotomy, the patient must have a period of relaxation lasting between one and two weeks. A patient can experience discomfort at the treatment site for a few days following the surgery. This could include swelling and bruising at the treatment site. In addition, a splint and bandage are put on the patient’s nose to hold it in place for at least a week after the procedure has been completed. In addition, after one week has passed since the osteotomy nose surgery, the patient’s bandage is removed, and the nostrils are cleaned. Both of these steps take place simultaneously.

It is possible for the osteotomy technique used in rhinoplasty to be more or less successful depending on the patient. Before undergoing rhinoplasty that included osteotomy. An individual who has undergone an osteotomy of a nose in the past is aware of what to anticipate during the surgery and is able to make appropriate preparations for their care once it has been completed.

After an osteotomy rhinoplasty, swelling and bruising may continue for several weeks, although nose sensitivity and discomfort often go away between three and six months after treatment. After surgery, it could take anywhere from one to two years before the full effects of an osteotomy become obvious.


An osteotomy rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that can change the way the nose looks. A tool called an osteotome is used to break the patient’s nose. This tool cuts through bone. This treatment can fix problems with the nose, like a broken nose or other kinds of injury.