Beautiful and magical. These are the perfect words to describe Morocco. Visiting the country requires careful research and planning. Tourists must have a good understanding of its culture. If Morocco is next on your travel itinerary, then you should read this guide for some tips before you visit the country. 

Best Time to Visit Morocco

For a more comfortable travel experience, consider planning your trip to Morocco during the colder months of the year – September through November or March through May. When you visit morocco in the summer months, temperatures can become quite unbearable. It can reach as high as 40 to 55ºC (104 to 130ºF). In the coastal areas, temperature can hover around 25-28ºC (77 to 82ºF). And in the winter months, snow can make the mountain roads undrivable.

Dress Etiquette (Men and Women)

Morocco is a Muslim country. But people here are more liberal than other Muslim countries. Still, tourists are advised to dress conservatively. If you visit Morocco’s countryside, you may be surprised to find that most women here don’t wear a veil, instead, they prefer wearing a headscarf. And in the big cities, some women here are wearing regular conservative clothes. Men on the other hand are expected to wear long pants and a shirt. However, when the weather is too hot outside in the cities, shorts and sleeveless shirts are common for tourists. 

Avoiding Scams While in Morocco

Even though crimes against tourists are rare, scams and hassling are rampant in Morocco. That is why tourists need to be highly vigilant of their surroundings. Avoid looking lost or disoriented. Make sure that you know where you are going and avoid accepting ‘free’ help from questionable people. 

If you want to tour the city and the neighboring towns, hire a tour guide. Look confident that you are familiar with the place and you know what you are doing. This can keep scammers away from you. 

Morocco: Is it a Safe Country for Tourists?

Safety should be a top priority when visiting a foreign country. Many people have concerns when planning a trip to Morocco. Contrary to popular belief, Morocco is generally a safe travel destination. Incidents of violent crimes against visitors are rare. Still, it is always best to be extra cautious. Make sure to secure your valuable belongings while touring the country. Also, it is important to be mindful of your behavior and to show respect for their culture.