If you look in the mirror or at pictures you’ve taken of yourself, can you notice that the distance between your eyes isn’t even? It is more common than you think to have an uneven appearance in your eyes, known in the medical field as eye asymmetry. This is true even though you might believe that having eyes with such an appearance does not make you seem reasonable. When something like this occurs, you may wonder if it is possible to rectify unequal eyes.

Causes Of Unequal Eyes

Several distinct reasons cause eye asymmetry. Some common elements, such as genetics and sleep deprivation, may be recognizable. However, it is equally essential to appreciate other, potentially graver causes.

  • Asymmetric eyes are produced by enophthalmos-related eye displacement. An indicator of enophthalmos is an eye that seems to be sagging, particularly after sustaining trauma to the region. Others immediately feel the effects of enophthalmos, whilst for others, it takes time for the symptoms to develop. Additionally, paying attention to any localized pain or sensitivity is essential. Seek the advice of a specialist to prevent future harm.
  • Another element affecting uneven eyes is Ptosis. This happens when the muscle that maintains the eyelid’s position separates from the eyelid, resulting in a drooping eyelid. This might be a direct outcome of recent neurological disorders or strokes.

It is vital to realize that symmetrical characteristics are incredibly uncommon. The look of unequal eyes (ชั้น ตา ไม่ เท่า กัน, which is the term in Thai) may also be affected by factors such as the form of the nose or the brow bone. Sometimes the problem is not with the eyes, and it may not be easy to discern between the two without the proper information. You must seek professional assistance to pinpoint the fundamental cause of your asymmetry correctly.

How To Fix Unequal Eyes?

Symmetrical eyes may sometimes be fixed if the underlying cause is addressed. Surgical correction is a standard treatment commonly used to improve the appearance of unique eyes. People with unequal eyes often experience this. Lower eyelid resection, ptosis repair, upper lid resection, brow sculpting, and orbital decompression surgery are all viable options.

The eyes make the entire appearance of the individual. Thus it’s crucial that you feel good about how they look. There are treatment alternatives for correcting eye asymmetry, whether for aesthetic purposes or to improve eyesight.