As more businesses switched to mobile applications when communicating with their customers and clients, the hunt for the best app to use is on. 

With the archive chat feature, WhatsApp has grown its popularity among many users. It became one of the most significant mobile channels for employers and employees to employ to their consumers.

However, because of compliance issues and strict requirements for regulatory bodies, many hesitate to use this inside the office, resulting in missing out on most of its amazing features. 

The built-in WhatsApp archiving element will allow you to archive messages, but it doesn’t quite comply with the WhatsApp compliance requirements.

Common Uses of Archived Messages on WhatsApp

At first, many can find archiving chats a low-key way to block people; however, on the brighter side, there are other advantages you can gain from it. Here’s some of them:

Making Chats Private – Keeping your chats hidden is common if you don’t want anyone to glance at who you’re chatting with. If you want to keep things confidential, especially during a public meeting or when you are outside, this is a valuable way to keep things more classified. Handing your phone to someone else would be easier in this way.

Establish More Organized Messages – With all the individual and group chats coming down your inbox, it is easy to lose track of who you are chatting with. This can make you miss some important chats. With WhatsApp archiving, you can archive chats you don’t have to see all the time, giving you more chances to focus on what is essential.

Muting Group Chats – Sometimes it can become bothersome to attend to all notifications, especially if you want to focus on essential matters. With archiving, you can easily do so by muting and archiving them. You can easily check them when you are not busy and ready to respond.

Integrate Third-Party Archiving Solutions

Since WhatsApp is considered beneficial, one notable way to still utilize it and simultaneously comply with WhatsApp compliance archiving is to integrate third-party solutions. 

This can help you abide by SEC, GDPR, and FINRA regulations, allowing you to access and retrieve detrimental data when needed.

If you are looking for a third-party archiving solution for your business, less your worries as LeapXpert is here to help! They have spent years developing compliant archiving solutions tailored to each business’s needs. If you want to know more about their services, contact them here.