There are generally two types of plastic Industrial Shredder machines that are used in plastic recycling in recent times; they could either be single–shaft or double–shaft plastic shredders. While these two types of plastic shredders are both able to handle large-sized and bulky plastics, there are still single shaft shredders to handle solid and thick pieces better, such as plastic, purging, runners, pallets, and even woods, their branches and thick bones

The single shaft industrial shredder machine has always been the smallest shaft shredder in the product line. It basically handles plastic lumps and rejects, wood, and paper waste to achieve uniform particle size. It features high torque, low speed, and a compact structure. In a very unfriendly and harsh environment, shredder machines can always maintain excellent reliability and stability. Single-shaft industrial shredders provide advanced shredding technology for shredding businesses to achieve their desired goals in the waste, paper, plastic, and wood industries. Single-shaft shredding equipment sizes include small, medium, and large shredders. A single-shaft shredder is one industrial tool that can help grow your shredding business.

  Double shaft Industrial Shredder machine is preprocessing equipment; the material pre-sorted to be chopped is always fed into the two different shafts whereby the rotors move slowly in opposite directions and this makes it automatically dust and noise-free). The cutting disks are always plugged into the shaft. The double shaft shredder machine is designed for a long period; the number of its knives or its width, respectively, determines the size of the output material size.           Double shaft plastic shredder machines are most time heavy-duty, low-speed, high torque machines which are used basically to ‘pre-cut’ a wide volume of large plastic materials. Due to its peculiarity of versatility and robust nature, a double – shaft plastic shredders are commissioned in a multitude of industries including but not limited to rubber recycling, metal recycling, wood recycling, size reduction in wastewater treatment plants, and other municipal application,  pre-cutting other solid such as destruction of foods, pallets, steel and plastic drums, furniture, construction, debris, containers, corrugated boxes, packaging, labels, and other bulky materials. Double–shaft plastic Industrial Shredder machines are usually put in front of the most tasking and demanding jobs; the frame and structures, most time use, high–thickness sheet, and tabular. The shear blades are perfect treatment strengthened and it only uses the highest quality SKD11 steel to avoid dulling.