Several people worldwide are obese or suffering from diabetes. Doctors recommend taking Ozempic or Wegovy once a week to lose weight and manage diabetes. Semaglutide is the main ingredient in this drug.

In today’s BNN News, doctors advise people to continue the use of Ozempic. Continued use of the drug prevents unwanted side effects like increased cravings and gaining weight. It was initially prescribed by doctors to treat diabetes. It helps people lose weight quickly and has gained widespread attention worldwide.

Shortage of Ozempic

The semaglutide brand Wegovy generated sales of $900 million in 2022 after receiving approval for weight loss in the previous year. A pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk, is engaged in the manufacture of both brands. The growing demands for drugs and supply chain issues have resulted in a shortage of drugs on the market.

High cost and negative consequences

Several people, who could not spend $1,349 every month, have discontinued its use. People who experienced the side effects have also stopped using the drug. Doctors claim that people used to have food cravings and gain a lot of weight. According to the information released in August 2022, people, who stopped taking Ozempic have regained two-thirds of the weight they lost in a year.

Many people are unaware that it is a lifelong drug, according to an obesity medicine physician at the New York Clinic. Dr. Sowa claimed that several new patients have requested semaglutide. Therefore, people, who could afford to take this medicine lifelong, can only use this drug to prevent side effects and enjoy its health benefits.

Gregory Dodell, an endocrinologist in New York City, stated that those who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet can expect to gain weight if they stop consuming Olympic or Wegovy. Therefore, he advised prescribing this medicine only for those suffering from PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a condition related to type 2 diabetes risk. He cautions others not to consume this drug to prevent side effects.

How do you lose weight using Semaglutide?

According to today’s BNN world news, the drug lowers blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production and promoting weight loss. It also makes you feel full by delaying your stomach’s emptying. Therefore, it allows people to stay full for a long time with a one-time meal. If you stop taking this drug, you will gain an appetite for more food.

Dr. Dodell said most people will consume more food just like before because their bodies are in starvation mode when they stop consuming this drug. Therefore, even those with self-control or willpower will also eat more and gain more weight.

Some patients said they were not aware that they would need to consume weight-loss drugs for the rest of their lives. A bartender, Jenny Woods, who resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and suffers from PCOS, received a free trial of the drug Wegovy for five months in July 2022. She lost 17% of her weight when the trial ended. Jenny Woods stopped taking the drug after a trial because her insurance did not cover the cost. In the next two months, her sugar cravings increased, and she regained half the weight she had lost when consuming the medicine. She is working additional hours to cover the medical costs and has started using the drug. Therefore, those who cannot afford the cost of this drug should take the advice of their physicians before consuming it.