This fear may seem ridiculous, but only if you have already undergone the IVF procedure and are well aware of how responsibly doctors approach this issue. Unfortunately, the in-vitro fertilisation procedure has become surrounded by a great many myths and superstitions, including that a child conceived in vitro might not be yours.  This fear will be especially pronounced if a man has listened to someone else’s very “valuable” opinion, e.g. if he has told his mother about his plans for IVF and she only knows about the IVF procedure from the news. This is a crude example, but indeed such ridiculous myths are sometimes very firmly entrenched, causing fear of using medical help during conception.

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To relieve your husband’s panic, it is usually enough to ask your reproductive doctor for a consultation and a short tour of the fertility department. It is then that your husband will realise that egg and sperm replacement is not only untrue, but also quite ridiculous, as reproductologists are just interested in making you happy parents. In addition, many fertility clinics do genetic paternity tests, which are compulsory.

If the man fears that his sperm will be replaced by another sperm because he has problems conceiving, ask your fertility doctor to tell your husband about a procedure called ICSI.  In this procedure a single, most active sperm is taken from the man from a sperm sample, which is then artificially injected into the egg. Firstly, this significantly increases the chances of success and secondly it guarantees that it will actually be your husband’s child. In any case, a consultation by a specialist reproductive therapist for your spouse will be able to convince him or her best.


It can also happen that a man simply does not see the point in spending money on something that does not work naturally. In a way, this is understandable, because even IVF at the best clinic will not give you a 100 per cent result the first time. In that case, you can take advantage of the state aid that is included in family planning. In such a case, couples are reimbursed for the costs of the procedure. You should familiarise yourself thoroughly with this issue in your city so that you can get state support and minimise your costs.

If you are able to do so, give your husband the opportunity to talk to people who have already had children conceived through IVF. This is the best way to persuade him, as the happiness of having children of your own is worth any investment of time, money and effort. Your husband may just need to see the result for himself and he will realise that the money for IVF will not have been wasted, it will have been spent on overcoming some of the health difficulties that are currently preventing you from becoming parents.

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