In recent years, the world has witnessed a significant shift in investment patterns, particularly when it comes to the precious metal that has fascinated humankind for centuries: Gold. Associated with jewellery and a haven for wealth preservation, gold is now embracing the digital era. The rise of digital gold has opened up exciting opportunities for investors, offering a seamless and efficient way to buy, sell, and hold the precious metal.

The Shifting Landscape of Gold Investments

The advent of digital platforms has revolutionised the way people invest in gold. Unlike the traditional methods that involve physical gold, digital gold allows investors to own fractional amounts of gold without the hassles of storage and security concerns. The ease and accessibility of digital gold have made it a popular choice among both seasoned and novice investors, fostering a booming market in India.

Exploring the Best Platforms to Buy Digital Gold

Paytm: Making Gold Investments Easy

Paytm, a well-known name in e-commerce payment systems, offers Indians the opportunity to purchase 99.99% pure gold for as little as INR 1. With the Paytm application, investing in gold has always been easy. Users can access the Paytm gold icon within the app and seamlessly purchase gold, initiating their gold investment journey effortlessly.

Spare8: Unlocking Daily Savings through Digital Gold

Spare8, an innovative daily savings platform, stands out among its competitors. This unique app enables users to invest their spare change automatically. By rounding off digital spending to the nearest INR 10, Spare8 invests the remaining change into a chosen fund, including digital gold. What sets Spare8 apart is its zero manual involvement.

Users can effortlessly cultivate an unintentional saving habit as Spare8 automatically invests their spare change into digital gold, eliminating hassles. Moreover, Spare8 ensures a hassle-free experience by bypassing lengthy KYC processes and offering no lock-in period, allowing users to reclaim their invested money in digital gold anytime. Experience the convenience of saving while spending with the Spare8 app.

PhonePe: Transparent and Quality-driven Gold Investments

The platform allows users to purchase or invest in 99.99% pure digital gold for a nominal price of INR 1. PhonePe’s selling point lies in its commitment to transparency and the assurance of gold quality. Users know that they are engaging in gold investments through a platform that prioritises pricing transparency and authenticity.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Platform

While the allure of investing in digital gold is strong, investors need to evaluate the platforms carefully. Factors such as pricing transparency, transaction fees, security measures, customer support, and user-friendly interfaces are crucial in selecting the best platform to buy digital gold.


Whether you prefer the simplicity of Paytm, the ease of daily savings with Spare8, or the transparency of PhonePe, these platforms offer diverse options for Indians to venture into the digital gold market. Embrace the accessibility of digital gold investments through these platforms, and witness the exciting possibilities ahead.