Few weeks ago, I asked the owner of my local pet supply if that they had a frequent buyer program for the brand of dog food I suggest dog food online Bangalore I usually feed my two pitbull mixes. By the design on her face, it seemed I had said something wrong.

“We actually don’t recommend that brand,” she said. “They were acquired by a much bigger corporation, and their food safety standards changed, so we stopped carrying it.” I used to be shocked. I had been feeding my dogs this puppy food for several years which is completely best food for dog I ever let my dog try

It’s hard to understand where to start when choosing a dog food. Which ingredients do you have to look for? Which ingredients should you avoid? Should you make homemade dog food? What’s up with raw feeding, anyhow? Thankfully, the team at Reviews.com have conducted a multi-month comprehensive scientific research to illuminate the realities of the dog food industry and make it easier than ever for consumers to make healthy decisions for their pets.

How pet food Research is Don

Their first discovery: over 70% of dog people don’t know what’s within the food they give their dogs. Thankfully, this study into the composition and safety of petfood aims to help dog people understand what goes into dog food so we can make safe, healthy decisions for our greatest friends.

What Makes Some pet food Unsafe

Bad ingredients equal bad petfood . Pet food ingredients are regulated by two sources: the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which decides what nutrients animal food should contain, and therefore the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which determines the standard of ingredients. However, “quality” are often relative, and therefore the FDA approves ingredients for animal food that may actually be dangerous for your dog

For instance, there are not any regulations prohibiting ingredients from “rendering facilities,” where dead animals are weakened for use in other products. Sometimes even spoiled meat from the grocery that’s still wrapped in plastic.” You wouldn’t want to eat that stuff, so why would you feed it to your dog?

Healthy Ingredients cause a Healthy Dog

In order to choose the right food for your dog, start by learning what the incorrect ingredients look like on a label. You’ll avoid rendered mystery meat by not buying food with generic ingredients like “meat meal” or just “meat.” Ingredient lists that start with whole, easily identifiable proteins are best. As an example , chicken and chicken meal are better than the more generic “chicken by-product.”

It’s also Important to understand which ingredients dogs need for complete nutrition, and different dogs require a special balance of nutrients. Because the study results state, “Dogs need the proper combination of protein, fat, moisture, fiber, and nutrients to measure healthy, happy lives.” The proper combination may vary based on your dog’s life stage and health, and your vet can facilitate your determine what to watch out for.

The wrong combination of ingredients can lead to health issues like digestive problems and allergic reactions. The dog experts interviewed all agreed that bad food also can lead to bad mental health. Consistent with one trainer quoted, “If not healthy and feeling good, the dog cannot focus or concentrate.” It is sensible , especially if you think that about your dog’s diet compared to your own: in general, healthful meals make us feel better, and food makes us feel, well, junky. It’s the identical for dogs.

As the graphic above indicates, the ingredients you ought to be feeding your dog are easily-identifiable whole foods and supplements. Those you should avoid include foods known to be toxic to dogs, like onions and grapes, also as poorly-sourced meat products and grain-based “fillers” that offer no nutritional value. Corn is among the foremost popular pet food fillers, and among the foremost damaging to dogs who are not built to process it. Pet food with a high corn content is akin to a fast food value meal: cheap, filling, but nutritionally empty.

Even if you know what ingredients to look for, it are often daunting to walk down the aisle of a pet supply store and try to determine which product is best for your pet. As a final step in their pet food research process, Reviews.com began to make a list of the best commercially-available dog foods.