In addition to the standard maps, professionals likewise offer personalized maps. We develop these maps utilising map products from their database, sometimes combining information from their consumers. Professional map companies can be made in nearly any layout. Whatever map you want, they can compose it for you. A personalised map is a custom-made job. As a result, the minimal price for a custom-made map is set at £100.

  • Area

For the most part, the location is the starting factor when creating a map. Professionals can draw up any type of location needed; continents, provinces, countries, and areas. The skies are the limit. To know more please visit the link at the bottom of the link.

  • Dimension and Detail

By choosing the size, the information can additionally be figured out. When selecting a globe map with a 30cm width, you can expect less information than a map with a 200cm width. That makes sense, right? To get more info, please visit the below-mentioned link at the bottom of the page.

  • Map layout

Professionals sell two types of maps; vector and raster. Both are equally fit for publishing productions. For more details, please click on the below link provided at the bottom of the page.

  • Including Additional Data

It is not uncommon for a client to have their own data projected onto a map. Professional map makers have the proficiency to map out, form, as well as change your data to your preference, into a map you see fit. They can recommend you to more opportunities. If you want o read more, please follow the link above.


Fascinated by the solutions professionals can offer you? You can ask for a customized map. Searching for more details prior to doing so? Contact or search around a little bit more. Personalised Maps UK will react in 24 hours on working days. Don’t be shy to call them if you have an inquiry.