You have probably heard of the mining industry and may not be unfamiliar with the products that are typically extracted to make goods around the globe. There are four types of mining that can be used to extract precious resources around the globe. These are the main four types of mining used around the world.


Underground mining can be very expensive and is often used to find deeper materials. Underground mining involves digging tunnels or blasting into resources and war materials that are then brought to the surface. Underground mining can involve unique extraction methods, such as shaft or drift mining to find and extract materials.

Surface mining

Surface mining is removing plant life and digging into soil and rock to find deposits. This type of mining is available in both open pit and strip mining. Many open-pit mining methods can be modified to create a landfill for solid refuse.

Placer mining

Placer mining refers to a method of mining that uses wind or water in order to extract sedimentary material from an area. This type of mining involves the extraction of desired minerals by sluicing or rinsing the material. This method is popular for mining gold, gemstones, and titanium.

In Situ Mining

This is known as solution mining. It involves the removal of material from the Earth’s surface. This is a common technique used in uranium mines. It involves finding or extracting uranium from waste rock.

Each type of mining has its own equipment and safety concerns. It is often used to produce specific types of natural resources. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your safety and mining production concerns.

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