After rendering overtime for the past week due to an increased workload, my workmates planned to have a vacation to relax and unwind. Since we didn’t have time to prepare, we decided to staycation instead of going to another country. Staycation in Singapore is a fun way to spend time with friends and family/ Plus, it’s easy to prepare for it because it’s around the city. But the problem we faced was: how can we make the vacation more memorable?

Let me show you in this article how we made our staycation more exciting so everyone can enjoy the weekend getaway. Despite not going abroad, our staycation journey was also worth the time and felt fulfilling.

Here’s what we did during our staycation stay in hotel apartments in Singapore.

Staycation Ideas: How We Made Our Vacation More Memorable

Staycation is a simple way to enjoy time with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive because you can plan for it in weeks. Since we finished the campaign for the advertising agency, my workmates decided to destress during the weekends. Indeed, we didn’t go to tourist places because we’re locals here, but we made our staycation more fun! Here’s how we did it:

  1. Focused On Our Hobbies

A staycation is a chance to take a break from our regular schedule and relax. We use the time off to do things we wouldn’t have time to do otherwise, like reading a lovely book, taking a bath, or even dozing asleep. We stayed for four days, so on the first day, we allotted ourselves to ourselves and did our hobbies by settling in our designated rooms.

  1. Spent Time With Friends 

At work, we didn’t have much time to talk with each other because we were all busy. Luckily, A staycation in the hotel in Singapore was an excellent way to spend time catching up with one another. Spending time with those you care about, whether family, friends or your significant other, is a great way to spend the weekends and vacations.

  1. Looked For Activities

Staycation in Singapore allows us to discover the neighbourhood and try new things. For instance, we can walk, hike, attend a concert, or try a new restaurant. We used this to find undiscovered diamonds in the city or town. For instance, we discovered this small restaurant and enjoyed the delicious food.

  1. Spent Less On Unnecessary Fees

Yes, we didn’t have to pay additional fees regarding our vacation. If, for instance, we travelled abroad, we would pay for tickets and other needs. Luckily, a staycation is a cheap way to take a short trip. We spent more cash on activities, eating out, or upgrading our accommodations aside from having any travel fees. Also, we watched movies in our hotel apartments in Singapore.

  1. Took A Break From Work

During our short staycation, we took a break from work and prevented ourselves from thinking about the stressful job. We refreshed our minds and minimised stress by doing other activities. We also unplugged from electronics and spent the time engaging in self-care and mindfulness exercises like yoga, meditation, or a long leisurely outdoor walk.

Destressing from work is beneficial for mental health, so we decided to have a staycation and stay at Coliwoo with their hotel apartments in Singapore. If you also plan to book a hotel room, you can contact them today to reserve a room.