Having your business on amazon is not enough to get business. There are many more aspects that together make any business a success. While talking about online business or store on amazon, one needs to work on the strategy to pull traffic. This is possible only when your products appear on the relevant search results more frequently. This is where amazon keyword research comes into picture. You can carry out keyword research with various available online tools or you can hire the expert services for the same. It is also possible to carry out research on your own but that may require lot of time and efforts.

Here are some tried and tested tips to research the right set of keywords without putting in much time.

Amazon Search Bar Options – Start typing something about your product and you will see some prompts on the search bar. These prompts are based on what other customers have searched for related to your product range. This can work as one of the most trusted search tools as you get to see what people search on amazon. Note down all the suggestions to get a big list of keywords that can be used for your own product listing. You can use other search tools or services from amazon product listing services, but these are all paid services.

Similar Category Products – Look at the listings of products falling in similar category. Check the title and description for keywords. If the product is popular among your target audience, then make sure that you used the product title as your keyword by including it as hidden keyword in your description. This is one of the most effective ways of keyword research as your competitors are already taking the advantage of these keywords.

Google Console – It is hard to believe but about 35% customers first search the product on google and are later directed to amazon. Google keywords are therefore very important and one should carry out research on these keywords too. You can use Google console or other tools for google keyword research. Finding the relevant keywords here along with amazon search tool will ensure that your product appears on search carried out on all platforms.

Online Keyword Research Tools – There are many free and paid online keyword research tools. Some of these tools are offered at nominal subscription. Based on your requirement and budget, you can select the right tool for your business. These tools are updated on regular basis in order to give you the maximum advantage from the research. 

Keyword research can be done easily with above tactics without spending much. However, you can always seek services of amazon listing expert in order to get trusted results. Experts would carry out thorough research for you and would also offer you insights from their years of experience. You can penetrate the market faster when the research and listing is accomplished by an expert. It is always good to spend on expert services in order to get faster and accurate results.