Most of us have the habit of collecting coupons and keeping them stashed until we need them. We often forget that these coupons come with expiry dates, and thus that requires us to use them within a given period. However, just because you have overlooked the date does not mean you necessarily have to throw them away. Some tricks can help you use your expired coupon. So if you have a Halara coupon code that has crossed its expiry date, worry not. We have listed some tips that might help you use them. 

Do not hide the expiration date

If you have an expired coupon, there is no need to hide it. Therefore, do not cut off the date or try to hide it in any other manner. In case you manage to hide it and go to the store with the coupon, there is no guarantee you will not get caught. Every employee knows well which coupons are expired and which ones are not; therefore, they will easily catch you, and it will be a parade of humiliation and guilt. 

Look for a grace period 

Some stores have a grace period attached to their expiry date. Find out if your Halara coupon code is of the same kind. You can visit their website and contact their customer care or visit their shop. 

If the website does not have a grace period, you can directly contact a nearby store where you can go and talk to the cashier. It is easier to convince people in person than over a chat or call. You can give him a genuine reason why you missed out on the date. It would help if you have been a regular customer and show him your purchase history to establish your loyalty to the brand. 

Coupon exchange 

Often brands reissue coupons that have already been sold out. Find out if they are willing to exchange your old Halara coupon code with a new one. The best way to get a new coupon is to build a rapport or visit a store where you already know the manager or the cashier. 

Remember that every shop has different rules, and some receptionists may not be allowed to swap your coupon, so do not push. If you take it too far, there might be a scene, and you may feel insulted. So it is better to stay away from any kind of scene-evoking actions. All you can do is take the chance and ask politely. If they say no, wait for new coupons to be distributed. 

Try to exchange with a friend 

Remember we mentioned in the previous points that you might receive some help from the store if you are a regular customer? If you have no exceptional relation with any store, your friend might. Find out if they know a store that is willing to replace the coupons. If yes, you can exchange your coupon with your friend, and you both get something out of it. 

All you have to do is sell your Halara coupon code to your friend in exchange for either money or some other coupon that she might have in her collection. It is just as we used to trade cards and toys in childhood. Only this time, you get something of real value. 

So if you have an expired Halara coupon code, do not throw it right away but try the methods we have mentioned above. You might just get lucky and be able to use your expired coupon. And if not, visit CouponGini and get the best Halara coupons and much more. And the best part is that you need not save your coupons for future use. You can get coupons anytime you are in the mood for shopping.