Pallet inverters can be classified under manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Get to know the three different types and determine the best one for your business needs.

A pallet inverter machine is designed to help businesses streamline their pallet-handling activities. The machines flip the pallets and handle the tasks. It makes the load-handling process more manageable. The injuries because of repetitive lifting of heavy merchandise are reduced. Top Industries offer inverters in a variety of designs and sizes.

The inverter choice will depend on business needs for example, for small operations a manual inverter equipped with a pallet jack is suitable.

Manual inverter


  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Smaller & cheapest


  • Slower
  • Needs more help from operators



  • Faster than manual counterparts.
  • Durable & easy to maintain.
  • Need less help from the operators than manual.


  • More expensive than a manual.
  • Still needs manual help in the process.



  • Full-automatic models that don’t need any help from operators.
  • It is the fastest solution for pallet-handling projects.
  • Storing and transporting pallets across the factory and warehouse is much easier.
  • Durable & low maintenance.


  • It is the costliest inverter type.

Pallet inverters are made to handle different pallet-handling tasks like flipping, transferring, handling, transporting, moving, rotating, and swapping. They are helpful addition, but needs careful consideration while choosing an inverter type suitable to your business.

How to choose the ideal pallet flipper?

Here are some questions to consider about tilting and transferring needs. It will help to choose the ideal inverter.

What is the pallet load size you need to accommodate?

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A pallet with a regular range is ideal for transferring or tilting pallets of the same size. Even consider the height range of your largest load and add 5 inches.

Do you need to accommodate different varieties of loads?

You may need a dual-clamp inverter with a large clamp range if you need to transfer loads of different sizes and shapes.

What product type will you rotate?

If your products are durable and sturdy or need gentle handling then choose an inverter with proper clamp pressure.

How will you load the pallet flipper?

There are pallet inverters that don’t need forklift loading. These are perfect for confined or narrow spaces and allow maneuvering small loads with a pallet jack.

What is the amount of product that needs tilting every day?

For a major manufacturer and distributor, the chosen pallet tilter has to be sufficiently fast to handle the workflow demands. Choose heavy-duty machines that rotate at 180° in 15 to 16 seconds.

Pallet inverters significantly increase productivity and efficiency. This saves employees time, and effort, which can be used in performing other essential tasks around the facility. The inverters safely rotate the loaded pallets, which reduces the workplace injury risk.

There are also concerns about product damage because of poor handling of the pallets with hands. Even damaged pallets can damage products. Inverters help to exchange the broken pallet before stacking or shipping. Check Top Industries official YouTube profile to know more about inverters.