Every plumbing system develops clogs, and no one can avoid the same anyhow! However, do we know that the DIY technique can be cleared most plugged sinks and toilets? All you will need is the right tools and the right technique. In this post, we’ll help you with the ways of cleaning a clogged plumbing system.

These effective methods for cleaning clogged drains in Seattle or in any other area will dislodge any obstruction. Remember, in case you fail to clear them after some round of trial; leave the work on a sewage cleaning agencies a licensed plumbing company.

What Tools Will You Require?

The tools that you need to clear a clogged drain are typically cost-efficient. You can easily find them at any home center or hardware store. You can even rent some. The primary tool to use to clean clogged drains is a piston.

This plumbers’ friend cleans clogs efficiently. It is effective for cleaning sinks, tubs, and toilets. Use a cable puller or plumber snake to dislodge obstructions located further down the drainpipe. In actuality, it’s a flexible cable made of steel. It is wrapped around a reel that comes with a crank.

Unclogging a Sink

Typically, you can clear small clogs using a plunger. You need to pour water into the sink and fill it partially. After that, you need to move it up and down vigorously several times.

 If it is a double sink, place a wet cloth in one drainage opening. At the same time, you can dip the other. In case you’re dealing with a sink of your washroom, block the overflow hole with a piece of cloth. In either case, the cloth helps in delivering the force directly to the clogging agents. If it doesn’t work, pick up the cable auger. Then you can focus on working under the sink.

How to Clear a Bathtub’s Drain?

It’s quite unusual for a bathtub to become clogged all of a sudden. A clog in the bathtub usually accumulates over several weeks.

However, you need to start with the plunger to clean the same. First, you need to open the screw of the drain pan screen. Then you can use a bent wire to remove any hair and soap suds.

Does it look too messy? Well, feel free to leave it on the experts!! Call an efficient plumbing agency and get it fixed with ease!! If you’re facing issues with the system dispensing hot water in Seattle or that of any other region, they can help you in that as well!!

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