Systems from the Asustor AS1002T line had a dual processor, Gigabit connections, and the specific ADM desktop from ASUSTOR. They redefine the budget to the quality and performance of such entry-level positions NAS by offering read speeds of more than 110 MB/s and writing rates of more than 96 MB/s.

The Finest NAS For The Multimedia Household Is Entry-Level

  • Superb transmission efficiency
  • Extremely quiet operating
  • Electricity with minimal electricity usage
  • Finger screw placement without tools
  • Elegant cover with a stone finish
  • Excellent result in a little compact

Enhance Your Favourite Place With A Contemporary Style

Products from the AS10 series completely rethink how a NAS should look. No difference if it is a sitting room, family room, or workplace, the attractive gemstone-plated lines make it an exquisite accent to any environment.

Establishment Without Tools

The movable outer cover of the Asustor AS1002T model enables quick removal when required. Hard discs may be easily installed without needing additional tools thanks to the thumb screws that secure the protective surface and interior challenging disc tracks.

Algorithm For Semiconductor Encrypting

Security is ASUSTOR’s primary concern. Because the AS10 has included constructed encrypt processors, information is fully safeguarded right away once it is placed here on NAS. Additionally, the integrated cryptographically secure mechanism offers read rates of more than 39 MB/s. This implies that although your hard discs are reported stolen, you never get to be concerned about your private information falling into your hands.

Virtually Silent Operating

During network repose, the AS10 family features made only 19 dB of vibration, which is roughly similar to the sounds of a pin dropping. The AS10 is usually used to measure can quickly and securely assimilate into any residential area as, during process operations, just 32 levels of noise are generated, which is comparable to the subdued sounds of a quiet setting.

Optimum Home Video Server

The AS10 series’ integrated CPU hanging unit can handle a lot of photo previews efficiently, enabling instantaneous photo transmission and browsing at any moment. High-resolution audio-visual enjoyment may be efficiently streamed to UPnP/DLNA devices, Browsers on desktops, smartphones, and telephones thanks to the wide range of audio-visual server apps.

Save Electricity Can Save Money

Products from ASUSTOR NAS are created with an eye toward the environment. While in use, our gadgets use a lot less energy than the typical centralized server.