This will most probably not sound like something believable to you, but there actually are multiple benefits when it comes to converting your videos to an MP3 format.

Anyone who is looking to convert YouTube videos to an MP3 formatted filecan use one of thehundreds of sites available that will help convert such videos very easily. YouTube provides an almost infinite numberand range of videos, and many of us are willing to download these videos to our devices, for a number of reasons. First of all, many of us would love to carry our music videos in an MP3 format so that we can listen to it while on the go. This is where the typical YouTube video converter comes into place.

When it comes to music tastes and people, there are an almost infinite number of possibilities and priorities. Some people prefer audio,some others would rather enjoy video clips. Then what about interviews, podcasts or other sorts of clips that are available on this platform? When you don’t have a goodWiFi or there is low connectivity for some reason, you might get frustrated when because you really want to listen to your podcasts but you simply cannot. This is very true when you have a long drive ahead of youor you are commuting to or from work. That’s why many of us love to use a video converter so that we can have all our favourite videos converted into an easy-to-listenMP3 format.

Have you recently watched a YouTube video and fallen in love with its music track? Enough for you to want to play it on a constant loop? Not just for its music track, it could also be because you love the video itself, the content… It can be anything; podcasts, music videos or an educational video. In the current world of technology, everything is possible. And today video files can be converted to any format listenableformat with the help of software and tools.

Speeches, audio tracks, music, sermons, interviews, podcasts and much more, we want to have them availablein our spare time or when we are travelling, as a background entertainment.

Simple and easy

With online video converters, all you need to do is just click and you will get your video converted into an audio format. Such services areextremely easy to use, and you will benefit from it in several ways. You will be able to enjoy your podcasts while waiting for the train to arrive or even in the never-ending queues at the supermarket. This ultimately means no more boredom for you when you have your playlist with you at any time.

Retains the quality of the sound

If you have a qualityvideo to MP3 converter, you shouldn’t need to worry about quality. The quality of the sound will remain at the highest level, and you will still be able to enjoy all your trackswith no stress.

Acting as backup

It does happen from time to time that content gets stolen or some evil individualto hack your online account. Such things can occur. Even if these events are rare, you should be cautious about your possessions and contents. Then you will see that this conversion is not in vain at all. Creating a backup will save stress and the inconvenience of starting from scratch. So if the worst happens you will actually have a backup plan no matter what happens with your YouTube contents.

Producingsound effects

This is a different reason to use online converters but a very good one if you are into this niche hobby. In case you are a passionate video producerandenjoy adding sound effects to your favourite videos, or to the videos you have created yourself, the best way to get audio tracks from your videos is to convert videos to MP3 and extract the pieces of audio for a later use, such as using them for sound effects.


Cartoons are obviously ideal for kids, but for adults we have audiobooks. By extracting the audio from a YouTube video, you can save narrative from your favourite book-videos and convert them into audio tracks. Easy to listen on the go.

Offline usage of audio tracks

Everywhere in the world, people enjoy listening to their favourite songs and tracks. When you want to enjoy to particular song, this converter comes handy. Without a converter, it would be impossible for you to enjoy your music offline.

Playlist creation

You can actually download your songs in a MP3 format and thenproducea playlist on your device or MP3 player. A convertercan enable you to generate a new playlist so that you don’t have to look for your favourite soundtracks.