Constructing commercial structures is no easy task. Since they are to serve as a common space for businesses and accommodate activities intended to make a profit; they need to be designed such that they suit any business that wishes to be set up in the space. The commercial buildings should be objectively acceptable and optimally designed to accommodate the requirements of any kind of business. 

Designing such premises undoubtedly require assistance of professional architects who can look at it from broad perspective and with their knowledge and skillset, design a phenomenal infrastructure plan. 

However; with innumerable architects in the market, how would you select the right commercial architect for your project? 

Below are mentioned a few things to consider when doing so.

1] Get a reference of prior clients 

Knowing about the architect’s previous projects will give you a fair idea of their proficiency and way of working. Some aspects you need to check on is whether they finished the project in time, if they worked well without supervision, how well did they communicate and so on.  Additional to asking the prospective architect about these aspects, go a step further and reach out to the clients to know their experience.

2] Enquire about the charges 

Every architect has a cost structure. Enquire about this to avoid any surprises mid project. Let the architects know of your budget and analyze if they can get you the desired structural design fitting the budget. 

3] Ask for a builder recommendation 

Having your own contractor to build the design is great but when you hire an architect to ensure there are minimal conflicts, good communication and stellar teamwork, you can ask the architect for builder recommendation. 

4] Ask about the time it will take for the construction 

Knowing how long the formulation and construction of design will take can prepare you financially and mentally. Good architects like commercial architects Stendel + Reich can let you know the accurate timeline and also advice on how you can reduce it. 

5] Point of contact 

You don’t want to be in a situation where your queries aren’t being answered. So, make sure you know who your point of contact will be to carry out the process smoothly. 

Good architects can predict hurdles and guide you throughout the process of designing and building the commercial property you had visualized. Although not every architect will be good enough; so, use the above checklist when you select yours!