The bathroom is a fully private place, where we make decisions about the remainder of our day. It is a topic that most people dread discussing in public. There is nothing to feel shy about it. Because how we brush, attend nature calls, and bathe plays a critical function from the minute we enter normal society. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that it determines a significant percentage of our health.

Healthy habits are formed in childhood through the best practices in this area. A tidy bathroom speaks volumes about the order and responsibility of a home. Are we, however, paying enough attention to how we manage and maintain our toilets in our busy lives? The measures listed below should be followed while cleaning a bathroom to maintain a healthy environment.

Safety precautions

Before cleaning the bathroom, take out any bulbs and cover the sockets with insulation to prevent any risks from electrical appliances like geysers and charging sockets, etc. Wear a double-layered mask over your nose to protect yourself from corrosive substance vapours. To protect yourself from any potential harm from acidic substances put on gloves and socks (in case you use them).

Methodical cleaning

Clean up everything on the bathroom floor that is too big to fit into the drain with water flow by using a disposable bag. Clear all the cobwebs off the walls, and then use a water gun to spray water to flush out the dirt and grime that have fallen. Almirahs and the top of the geyser box are two areas that require extra care because of the likelihood of dust in those spots. Remember the exhaust fan at this stage. As it expels any odour from the toilet, its blades must also be totally clean.

Choose non-toxic

Apply a mild cleaning agent for bathroom floors that have been diluted to the floor’s corners. To clean the walls, use a wall-cleaning solution. Scrub the liquid with a steel brush to produce foam that cleans the dirt that has accumulated between the tiles. Do not ignore the corners and window blades.

They serve as the source of ventilation and provide access to the outside air. The cleaning must be provided for them as well. Allow the solutions to take effect and wash away the dirt from the affected regions. For the lavatory, apply specific lavatory cleaning liquid in and out. After a small gap, give it a thorough brushing with Loo Blade. Deliver it one final flush.

Excess attention

The buckets and mugs need to be cleaned most importantly before you leave. Fill the entire room with the solution by using a water cannon. Spray your favourite air freshener throughout the restroom to create a pleasant aroma. What you now own is known as a clean restroom! Maintain a healthy way of life! Do not spend too much on chemical-related washroom cleaners. Take professional cleaning service assistance if you feel any discomfort. They will do your task much more effectively.