If you are currently thinking of refurbishing your house or working place, do read along and find out how using Gypsum boards [แผ่น ยิ ซั่ กัน ชื้น, which is the term in Thai] will be helpful for you.

Also known as Drywall or plasterboard, a Gypsum board is a building material that is used for various commercial and residential buildings. Gypsum is a soft material that is made of calcium sulfate dihydrate which is also used in PoP and wallboards.

In these boards, gypsum is the core material and its surface is wrapped with fibreglass and other materials. These boards are very easy to install and can be cut to the desired size. They are extremely durable and last for years without damage. These boards are preferred by numerous contractors and interior designers due to their numerous uses and benefits.

Uses Of Gypsum Boards

  • Fabricating lightweight decorations.
  • Fireboards made of gypsum core are used in multiple places like roofs, floors, ceilings, etc.
  • Tiles made up of gypsum are used for false ceilings and other creative ceilings of buildings.
  • Adjusting the setting time in cement manufacturing.
  • Gypsum blocks are used to make a partition between two rooms or compartments of a building.

Benefits Of Gypsum Boards

Along with various uses, boards made of gypsum core offer a lot of benefits that make them preferable as materials for construction

· Fire Resistance

One of the best qualities of gypsum boards is fire resistance. Not only do they not burn themselves, but they also stop the fire from spreading any further. This is due to its chemically bonded water in the Gypsum core.

· Soundproofing

Gypsum boards are largely used for soundproofing purposes. If you live in an area with continuous noise, these boards can be of great help to give you a peaceful house.

· Thermal Properties

Gypsum boards have great thermal properties. With these properties, the boards help in maintaining humidity and temperature. Plasterboards act as a vapour barrier which does not allow the humidity outside to enter the room.

· Multiple Uses

As mentioned, these boards have multiple uses in various industries including construction, interior designing, etc. This is due to the various structural benefits that the boards offer.


Gypsum boards are a great material when it comes to construction. They provide great support and are extremely durable. Due to their fire-resistant and soundproofing qualities, they are highly recommended for residential and commercial space refurnishing.

Hence, if you are thinking of upgrading your home or office interiors, gypsum boards can offer plenty of benefits and great styling as well!