You have gold jewellery or perhaps gold bullion as an investment. However, when times get tough, you can trade your investment in at a Pawn Shop for money when needed the most. But before you head to a local pawnbroker, it helps to understand as much as possible about your treasures. 

Know The Karat Rating 

The karat reveals the purity of the gold in your jewellery piece. For example, if you have gold bars with a 24K it is pure gold. While a gold ring of 14K, it has 14 parts gold with 10 parts another metal present. The more refined the gold, the more money you can get at the current gold spot price of the day. 

Identifying The Golds Color 

When you look at the gold piece you want to sell to a pawnshop, the mix of metals creates diverse colors. For example, a famous gold is yellow gold and has a zinc, silver, or copper blend present. While rose gold is made with a mix of copper or silver. So, the more copper presented it keeps the piece’s price low. 

Hence, the other alloy used with gold can influence the selling price. For example, if you have white gold it can be from using silver, nickel, or palladium. The latter is a very precious metal that can increase the value of your jewellery piece when sold. Yet, if there is only gold and palladium in a ring, it is grey gold. 

You can also find pink, purple, and green colours in gold. All of these are taken into consideration when assessing the value. Yet, the karat rating matters as it helps determine what gold is present in your item. 

Gold is In More Than Just Jewellery

If you are one of those lucky enough to have a designer iPhone gold case or a gold shirt to gold bars, you can always barter it for cash at your local pawnshop. The truth is a pawnbroker is always looking for unique gold items to buy and sell. 

Consider Other Values 

Sometimes, the karat, weight, and spot price are essential when selling gold jewellery. But there are times when a designer name can affect your piece’s overall value, making it worth more than its weight in gold. These can be from antique, vintage, or recognizable makers marks found in the hallmark for your piece. 

Sell or Buy Collectors Pieces 

Whether you are strapped for cash, need money fast or enjoy investing in collector’s items, the Pawn Shop is where you need to go. You can get the best offers for your gold jewellery, collectibles, scrap gold, or coins at a pawnbroker. 

Or, if you are looking for antique gold or vintage jewellery, the pawnshop might just have what you are looking for. They will present you with a fair price for gold buyers and sellers. The inventory in a pawnshop keeps changing with frequent visits of people selling gold jewellery to gold coins. So, stop buying a pawnbroker near you to learn more about selling or buying gold for your collection.