Does your staff have to stay in tiny or restricted areas? Using your space available may boost your facility’s performance and efficiency with a mezzanine storage solution. 

A mezzanine is the most effective approach to maximise your present storage floor by using unused vertical space for additional shelving or workspaces. It is a framework constructed between the flooring and the ceiling that allows you to enhance your total surface area by utilising the spaces on top of the walls and the space below it.

Although expansion is the best choice for establishments with limited space, building expenses have steadily climbed over time, and not all companies have that sort of money. On the other hand, mezzanines are a low-cost space option that may be installed in buildings, production plants, and warehouses to generate extra production areas or boost storage capacity. If you are thinking about investing in a mezzanine storage solution, understanding the many kinds of mezzanines accessible and their advantages can assist you in selecting the best one for your facility’s needs.

Type of Mezzanine Storage 

The following are the types of mezzanines that you should consider for your storage facility.

Shelving and Rack

Since these mezzanines are erected atop and secured by pallet racking or shelf systems, architectural columns are not required. They help you make the most of your space by offering thick storage below and space on top.

Freestanding Mezzanine

Freestanding mezzanine storage is often regarded as a fixture inside the building since they are maintained by steel columns attached to the floor and take up little space. This sort of mezzanine is useful in instances where loading constraints or standard setups are not key criteria. Moreover, modular freestanding mezzanines might be the ideal answer when standard designs or loading restrictions do not apply.

Catwalk Mezzanine 

This sort of mezzanine solution comprises pathways or aisles hanging from the first layer and in between or next to the rows of a second layer of shelving to give entry to the goods stocked on the second layer. Both tiers of shelves are identically designed. It is located near an upper conveyor or other material-handling equipment. Furthermore, your catwalk system may add stairways, gates, and pallet drop zones.

Structural Mezzanine

Structural mezzanines are built as elements of the initial design. The concrete floor of these permanent mezzanines is standard. Also, the major advantage is the load capacity they can sustain.

Customise Mezzanine

This sort of mezzanine storage solution is customised to your facility’s requirements. Its design may include almost any load parameters, columns spacing, style, or element. With a mezzanine solution, you can easily double the floor area of your building, boost work effectiveness, reduce transportation costs, and prevent the need to acquire or rent more space. However, to gain the full advantages of these systems, you must get mezzanines from a professional material handling company.

Full Mat Mezzanine Storage

Full mat mezzanines use elements of both catwalk systems and freestanding. They feature an open second level and may be put over existing shelves or workstation spaces.

Advantages of Using Mezzanine Storage Solutions

While there are several methods to maximise your storage space and increase operational efficiency, mezzanine solutions have distinct advantages that may provide your facility with a competitive edge.

Enhance Warehouse Security

Safeguarding your workers is a manager’s first responsibility, and mezzanines provide you with the potential to increase warehouse safety. Workers in warehouses face possible hazards while working in integrated handling and storage areas. Hence, mezzanines enable you to keep personnel away from potentially hazardous equipment and gear. Also, platforms for heavy equipment are carefully constructed and strengthened to meet the unique weight and characteristics of heavy machinery. 

Picking the right structure may increase your facility’s safety by improving access to the fire control system and providing more transparency for managers to monitor warehouse operations.

Tax advantages

Potential tax savings are one missed advantage of having a mezzanine instead of expanding your building. In many areas, freestanding mezzanines that can be removed are classified as equipment rather than property, which means you may save money on property taxes for your facility. Based on your state’s property tax regulations, this may result in considerable savings for several establishments over the year.


One of the most difficult problems for warehouses is outgrowing their existing location. Managing the supply and demand cycle necessitates proper storage, and as your company expands, your storage requirements will expand as well. Mezzanines enable you to extend your storage and workplace without relocating or spending money on costly building and renovation.

Effective Inventory Management

One of the aspects of an effective warehouse facility is optimising your storage space. Mezzanines enable you to make the most of your facility’s vertical spaces to improve storage space. You may expand your total inventory capacity by constructing multi-level warehousing with catwalk platforms using a mezzanine system. Alternatively, you may relocate all staff desks to the mezzanine level to free up floor space for storage and racking.

If you’re thinking about expanding your facility, consider a mezzanine storage solution with a low cost to boost your present storage space.