Designing your own sports uniforms can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. When creating a uniform, there are several factors you need to consider– from style to materials to your preferred customisation.

This blog post will provide some tips on creating a sports uniform that looks great and functions well on the field or court. Let’s get started!

5 Tips On How To Design Your Own Sports Uniforms 

A sports uniform is more than just a piece of clothing– it’s a statement about your team and your commitment to excellence. When you take the field, you want to look sharp and professional, and having a custom sports uniform helps you achieve that goal.

Designing a custom sports uniform is also a great way to show team pride and unity. But, designing uniforms can be tricky; there are many things to consider. Here are some tips for creating custom sports uniforms that look great and function well:

  1. Choose Your Uniform Styles 

There’s a wide range of styles to choose from. Traditional uniforms tend to be simple and understated, focusing on functionality. Modern uniforms are stylish and eye-catching. You’ll need to decide what style best represents your team. 

As you decide what style of uniform best represents your team, there are a few factors to consider. 

  • The type of sport you’re playing.

Uniforms for contact sports such as football or hockey tend to be tougher and more durable. In contrast, uniforms for less physical sports like baseball or basketball can be lighter and more comfortable. 

  • The image you want your team to project.

A traditional uniform may convey strength and stability, while a modern uniform may suggest energy and innovation. 

Ultimately, the style of uniform you choose should reflect your team’s values and give them a visual identity that they can be proud of.

2. Pick Your Team Colours

Choosing a team colour is important. By doing so, your team will feel like a part of something special, which will help them feel unified. It also makes your team more visible on the playing field and allows them to stand out from their opponents. 

When choosing a team colour, it is important to consider what message you want to send to your team and your opponents. You should also consider how your team’s colours appear when printed on your uniforms.

Once you have chosen a team colour, be sure to use it consistently throughout your team’s uniforms and gear. Doing this will help your team develop a cohesive look on the field and make them more recognisable.

When in doubt, consult with a professional uniform designer to ensure that your team’s colours are correctly used.

3. Consider The Material

It’s important to choose a comfortable fabric to wear, breathable and easy to maintain. Remember, your players will be spending a lot of time in their sports uniforms, so they must be able to keep cool and comfortable even when the temperature is rising.

Ask these questions:

  • Do you want a lightweight fabric to help your team stay cool during long practices? 
  • Do you need a heavier fabric that will withstand a lot of wear and tear?

When choosing the material, you should consider if it works well when the type of printing you prefer. For instance, when selecting sublimated uniforms, you must ensure the chosen material can handle the printing process. Fabrics made of polyester are ideal because the fibres accept dye well and hold the colour well. 

4. Your Team Logo Is Crucial

Sports team logos are crucial. A logo doesn’t only represent your team, but a well-designed one also depicts the spirit of competition among the team members, the opponents, and the crowd.

When designing a logo for your team, you must intelligently pick the right style, colours, graphics, and overall appeal– such as size and positioning.

If you need help with your logo design, contact custom sports printing companies. They have in-house graphic designers who can help you design your team uniforms and logo. 

5. Personalization Is Important

Personalisation is a great way to make each team member feel like a valuable part of the team. 

  • What elements do you want to include?
  • Do you want to add player names or numbers?

This could include names, numbers, logos, or anything else representing your team. 

By adding personalisation, you’ll make your uniforms truly unique. By putting each team member’s name and number on the back of the uniforms, you add a special touch that makes each player stand out. Every personalised print should be professionally presented on your uniform– and this is another reason why a vector file format is important during the design and printing process.

Screen printing and embroidery are two popular methods for personalising uniforms, and there are many options available for fonts and colours. This is a great way to recognise each team member’s unique contribution to the team and a way to show their individuality. 

Find A Reputable Company To Do It For You

Lastly, work with a company that specialises in creating custom sports uniforms. It will ensure that your uniforms are made to your specifications and that they will meet the needs of your team. 

Custom made sports uniforms will be specifically tailored to your team’s size and specifications, ensuring a perfect fit. If you decide to design and print the uniforms yourself, you’ll have complete control over the final product. However, unless you have experience with design and printing, it’s best to leave this task to the professionals.

Reputable sports uniform printing companies, specialise in printing sublimation uniforms. They will have the necessary equipment and expertise to produce high-quality uniforms to help your team look its best on game day. 

These tips will help you create custom sports uniforms that look great and function well on the field or court. So get started today and design uniforms for your team to make them proud! 


A well-fitting and stylish sports uniform can give your team the edge to perform their best. By choosing a design that represents your team’s personality and considering the fit of each piece, you can create a look that will make your players feel confident and proud.

If you’re in the market for custom sports uniforms, contact us today. We can help you design a look that will make your team feel confident and look great on the pitch. Let’s work together to create a winning sports uniform for your next game!