Custom coins have been around since a long time now. They are unique coins that represent a particular organization or group. They are highly esteemed and are passed on through a ritual to the honoree.

They are a less conventional custom product and can be distributed throughout your organization. They are memorable, small, and can be customized according to your demand. Responders pro custom coins  come in a good quality and are versatile. You can choose them and get them customized no matter which profession you belong to.

Traditionally, custom coins were exclusively for military, but today they are employed in several other professions which give rise to a wide variety of them.

Here are the three most prominent types of custom coins

1] Challenge Coins

These are widely used amongst the military, police, first-responders, and other organizations where comradeship or recognition plays a role. Challenge coins can exhibit the name of organization, date of foundation, values, insignia, symbol, and so on. Though challenge coins have their base in military, today they can be bestowed upon any organization.

2] Military Coins

These coins are presented only to the individuals who have demonstrated excellence or achieved a particular rank. This could be with regards to a particular unit or could refer to a service. They are a long running tradition in the military. The prominent fields where they are used are – army, navy, marines, air force, and coast guard. They usually feature decorative mix of writing or insignia which is a stamped metal or consists of blue, red, or white enamel.

3] Commemorative Coins

Unlike the previous two types, commemorative coins focus on celebrating individuals’ achievements through lifetime; more than highlighting the individuals affiliation with an organization. They display an emblem of the organization, with date tiles and achievements. Commemorative coins can be employed in arcades, club memberships, family reunions etc.

Custom coins are always a great idea! Deciding to have custom coins is just the beginning. Once that is done, you need to create and finalize upon a design most suitable to be engraved, bring your vision to reality and lastly recognize which coin works for you. You have the freedom to decide the colour, size, shape, and every aspect of the coin you want to buy. There is no fixed set of limited designs you have to choose from, you can start from scratch and create something really out of the ordinary.