The Sky Go streaming service gives Sky subscribers the opportunity to watch all their telly on mobile devices from all over the world, when they’re away from home, on a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile. In this article, we discuss how to use this Sky Go service to watch your favourite TV shows while on holidays in the EU.

Understanding Sky Go’s Accessibility Abroad

Sky Go has been designed for people when travelling abroad in Europe, and is accessible both within the EU and outside the country. Effortlessly, Sky Go users who can prove that they are abroad temporarily in the EU can enjoy their own usual content. Those who absolutely don’t want to miss their favourite sports event, the new episode of their favourite tv series, or their favourite the latest release need never do, as Sky’s engagement guarantees you won’t miss a beat wherever you are in Europe.

Step 1: Check Your Subscription

Make sure your Sky upgrade includes Sky Go: almost all Sky TV packages now include it but do check before you travel, just in case. Your account details are available through the Sky website, or customer service can help advise on overseas access – this can be restricted to certain subscriptions.

Step 2: Download the Sky Go App

Then one last thing to do before you fly: download the Sky Go app (on your phone, tablet and/or laptop – whichever you want to use for viewing the apps), which is available on a number of platforms (see below). You’ll need to make sure that the device you’re using meets the app’s system requirements – these are displayed on the Sky website, making it easier to be prepared and knowing what you need to do before you fly out and arrive without wanting to spend more time downloading than you would waiting in an airport. 

Here’s a list of compatible devices: Sky Go on your phone (including Blackberry and iPhone) This app will let you cast the signal to your TV For Windows Phone 8 and above, and Windows 8 RT. Available on Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace Note: also available on Android, but no casting feature is currently available for Android devices Sky Go on your tablet 

This app will let you cast the signal to your TV Available for iPad, iPad Touch and iPad Mini Sky Go on your laptop This app will let you cast the signal to your TV For Mac and PC, available via app stores or direct downloads (in the UK) Note: only available on compatible computers with Windows 8 and Intel’s Fourth-Generation Core processor.

Step 3: Connect to the Internet

A reliable internet connection is needed in order to use Sky Go, which is best accessible through wifi, especially abroad, as data roaming charges are extremely expensive, you’re much better off using wifi at a hotel, restaurant, cafe, shop, station, airport, etc, when you’re away from home and travelling abroad as it’s usually free.

Also, wifi connections are usually the most secure way to transfer data and you can avoid having your data accessed by any unauthorised persons.

Step 4: Log in to Your Account

When you connect to the internet, start your Sky Go app. Sign on with your Sky ID and password. The first-time login can require a little ‘liveness’ test for people still inside the EU, but it’s simple enough and keeps you on the right side of the law for digital content.

Step 5: Start Watching

When you log in, just watch any content that Boots has available. Then you can start browsing. You can look at different types of content such as sports, movie, news etc, or you can search for something you know you would like to watch. All the things you can see or access will be the same as the UK. You won’t miss a single show no matter what it is.

Additional Tips for a Better Viewing Experience

If you don’t want to be interrupted by notifications and the like, use the Sky Go app to download shows to your tablet or computer. You can download shows to use offline before travelling, which is useful if you don’t know what the internet connection will be like once you get to your destination. Downloaded content doesn’t require the internet – once downloaded, you can watch at any time, from anywhere.

What to Do If You Encounter Issues

Occasionally when you’re abroad, Sky Go may have problems accessing the service. You could get the dreaded message that the service is geo-blocked, or that your application has crashed. In these cases, restarting your device and/or reinstalling the application invariably solves the problem. If the problem is more serious, then the best course of action is to contact Sky via the customer support helpline. The support staff are understandably well practised in dealing with this kind of query, particularly from customers outside of the UK.

Experience Uninterrupted Entertainment Wherever You Are

If you’re travelling within the European Union, accessing sky go all estero is easy. And if you plan ahead, you can watch your favourite shows and events abroad in exactly the same way you do at home. Just make sure that your subscription is current and that you have a stable internet connection, and you can watch all the Sky TV that your heart desires on the road. Pack your bags and pack your shows – Sky Go is here to help your next European excursion be as entertaining as possible. Isn’t that nice?