• Pressure of tires. One thing that people always say, which is not true, is that if it still moves, then it is fine. This is a wrong notion to have. For your own good, try to have the pressure of your bike tires checked. There might be a chance that your tires need some air. Truly, almost half of motorcycle users on the road today in India ride around with tires that are not properly inflated. That is not the best at all. To have the Best Mileage Motorcycle in India, this is one thing you must always be willing to do and do well.
  • Air Filter checks. It is always important for you to check your air filters regularly. Buying the best mileage motorcycle in India doesn’t end there. You need to always be ready to do your best to keep the mileage at its best. If you dwell so much on the fact that the motorcycle you bought has the best mileage and you do not work to maintain it or make it better, you didn’t do a good job. Checking the air filter of your motorcycle is very simple. Just check the manual that came with the bike. When you do, you will find where the bike’s filter is located. If you purchase a used bike, you should not rush. Just search the internet with the name and brand, as well as the model of the bike. You will easily find where the air filter is. When you find the air filter, clean it. Clean air filters can greatly enhance your gas mileage by up to 10% or even 25% when a replacement is made. The good thing is that they are easy to check, clean, and replace. If your filter needs to be checked, you will not need to spend too much.
  • Alignment of tires. This is another simple thing you can do on a regular basis to keep your best mileage motorcycle in India in good condition. Tires of motorcycles that are not aligned ideally or rightly will always wear away within a short period of time. Also, since tires are not cheap, you need to be very careful. To add to this, riding a motorcycle that has tires that are not well aligned will force engines to work very hard to maintain the same speed. Even if tire prices vary on the market, make sure you buy them when they are needed. It is preferable to have your bike properly aligned than to have its misalignment result in lower mileage.
  • Tune-up. Engines benefit a lot from tune-ups. So, when you do this, your motorcycle will always be in great health. Gas mileage can be enhanced by at least 5% when you spend some money on doing this. Or, you can do it on your own if you have experience with that. The procedures are mostly very easy if you are good with such procedures. If not, find the right shop to have it done for you. When you do, you will love the best mileage motorcycle in India that you bought for life.


It is always important that the best mileage motorcycle in India is purchased with the mentality of maintaining it. Riding your motorcycle every day without making the right decisions to check if it is doing well or not is wrong. Apart from the aspect of keeping mileage clean, your motorcycle deserves some love too. So, always be prepared to do the work.