If you can ask a watch lover about Rolex, then there are high chances of getting flooded with the stories of some rarest vintage collections with high technology and Cerachrome. Even some collectors as well as enthusiasts will jump to the rolex lady datejust watch (นาฬิกา rolex lady datejust, which is the term in Thai) directly and that is a mistake, maybe. 

Is It The Most Understated?

As considered as the understated category of the Rolex family, the rolex lady datejust watch is a perfect blend of the history of  watches, the versatility and quality of making watches that ought to switch the watch lovers from the ordinary watches to that of something classy and out of the box. 

Here, we will share some information about the Rolex lady datejust watches and get to know why these watches are so amazing, not understated at all. Let us get into the most adorable watch sets. 

Earliest Model Of Rolex

No doubt, Rolex is the well-known brand of watch manufacturers on the earth and no need to say, it is known for its brands generally, across the globe. As developed by Rolex Corporation, Datejust is the earliest model that is so popular these days as well and offers a perfect lens by which you can determine why it is known as a model of Rolex. 

An Outline Of Datejust 

Now, come directly to the datejust to know more of it. The very first model of rolex lady datejust watch was released in the year 1945 on the occasion of Rolex Corporation’s first anniversary. This is the one of the first-made watches that has a functionality of changing the date window and it is all automatic. This feature has been taken so for granted nowadays and if we talk about this functionality in the 40’s, then it is a big achievement.

Of course, the lady datejust watch was well-packed in Oyster case and it is another addition to the achievements of Rolex. Oyster was the first-ever waterproof case for watches in the year 1926 and produced in a row.

Here, the biggest factor is price as DJ ranges from $ 2,000 to $4,000 and for the rarest ones, it may cost around $20,000. 

The Bottom Line 

After gathering all ins and outs of the rolex lady datejust watch version of Rolex, we found that it is a next level invention of the 90’s by Rolex Corporation. 

As you may think that vintage predecessors and Datejusts are the same as they have some similar traits in them. But it is not like that at all. However, if you want to wear something that can capture the vibe mid-century, then Datejusts is the best pickup ever.