Termites are a group of insects that consume different types of decaying plant matter in the forms of wood, leaves, and humus. It also locates positions with adequate moisture levels. They are very destructive to property and may cause health problems and should, therefore, be eradicated by various methods offered by pest control experts. This blog by Life After Bugs, a leading Houston Pest Control Company, highlights the signs of a termite infestation as well as effective ways of getting rid of termites.

Signs of termite infestation.

  • Mud tubes. Tube-like lining on the wall down to the ground made of mud. It acts as the passage route to and from the food source, indicating a nearby nest for the termites.
  • Hollowed wood. Termites leave behind perforations and paper-like structures because parts of the wood have been eaten away from the inside.
  • Discarded wings. The presence of termite swarmers and discarded wings is a good sign of a termite infestation.

Methods of controlling Termite infestation

Chemical Interventions

This method involves the use of chemicals to eliminate termites. They include;

  • Liquid termiticides- Liquid termiticides are injected directly into termite-infested regions or administered to the soil surrounding your home’s foundation. Termites are successfully killed on contact by these chemicals because they create a barrier they cannot cross.
  • Termite baits- This method involves strategically positioned bait stations packed with cellulose and a toxicant that takes time to take effect. The colony will be destroyed after the termites devour the bait and spread it to the settlement.


A strong way to get rid of termites is fumigation. It entails sealing your house and injecting a deadly gas (usually sulfuryl fluoride) that seeps throughout the building and reaches termites in concealed areas. Although highly successful, fumigation calls for specialized knowledge and temporary site relocation.

Heat Therapy

Extreme temperatures kill termites. Heat treatment includes raising the temperature within a structure to a point where termites cannot survive. This approach is safe for the environment and can eliminate termites.

Contacting Professional Pest Control Service Providers

The most dependable and effective method is frequently to use a certified pest control specialist with experience in termite extermination. Experts combine various techniques to address your termite problem, including inspections, treatments, and preventative measures. Life After Bugs is one of the most reputable Houston Pest Control service providers.

Biological methods

This method involves the use of nematodes to consume termites. Beneficial nematodes are tiny, roundworm-like organisms that naturally prey on termites. These nematodes are a biological and environmentally friendly termite control method. Nematodes hunt down termites.

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