It is very rare for the service partners to tell you ways by which you pay less to them. But once they do, you must sit straight up and pay all your attention to it because it is really going to help in the longer run. 

Here are listed some of the points which will make sure that you are saving a few extra bucks in your otherwise tedious import process. 

Choose a partner and not only a customs broker

To be honest, none of us really know what a customs broker actually does. The topic is extremely lengthy, and they really need to work in-depth to get you done with the imports. A customs broker does a lot more than having your activities complied with the regulations or transmit your declarations to the customs department. A good broker will always take the responsibility of making the crossing smoother, cheaper, quicker, and more compliant with the guidelines. If they are your true partners, they will make extra effort to file correctly to the CBSA or determine the duties correctly. 

Ensure your broker has all the needed information for the import 

Your customs broker must be like an efficient production line. The release processes must be streamlined, and the release must be done with due compliance and efficiency. At customs, they will have a client-specific series of intricate documentation checks even before releasing your paperwork. They will recheck or put the entire processing on hold if anything is missing, incomplete, or even out of line. To help you save on the costs, your broker should have a complete dataset of your importations. They will ensure the data related to other trade chain partners is also correct and to the point. They will also ensure that you get enough time while filing or processing. 

Leverage technology to share data

You must partner with brokers who can enable Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). They must also have a process in place in order to send or receive the necessary data. With using EDI, it is possible to extract the data from your own ERP and send it to the broker for processing. The data identification happens on a real-time basis, and any missing information can be reported right away. All this makes the entire process quite time-saving.

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