“Home staging”, or “real estate valuation”, is a process for optimizing real estate sales. In clearer terms, it is simply a technique for the makeover of a house or an apartment. Home staging tips allow you to enhance the value of a property offered for sale thanks to techniques based on suggestion, and a work between interior decoration and renovation. The objective is to condition the state of mind of the potential buyer, during his first discovery of the house for sale.

What are its origins?

The concept comes to us from the 1970 in the United States. Faced with the difficulties of her real estate agent husband to sell his property, Barbara Schwarz first had the idea of​using her skills as an interior designer to help her husband’s agency. It was by decorating and staging the houses for sale that she found that the properties sold much faster.

Home staging methods

Valuing a property means making it attractive and matching it to the way of life of the greatest number. The objective is to provoke a crush to sell the property as soon as possible and at the best price.

Return to neutral

The first method of home staging is to depersonalize the house for sale. This is to ensure that the house is “neutral”, that is to say that the personal “touches” of its selling owner are not excessively noticeable by the potential buyer at the time of the visit. This will give the latter the possibility of immediately personalizing in his mind the accommodation he is visiting.

In continuity, comes the enhancement of the good

The objective is to embellish the property by using spaces hitherto cluttered with furniture or storage, or to highlight a room by playing on the brightness. On the other hand, it is not a question of starting major work such as knocking down a partition or installing double-glazing.

Minor changes are enough

The other methods consist of cleaning it impeccably, carrying out minor repairs, and refreshing the accommodation with a suitable makeover and interior decoration. An example of a practical application could be a new arrangement of furniture or the installation of new paint in a room.

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Who takes care of the home staging?

The home stagers first go to the owner to establish a diagnosis of the property for sale. During this visit, they detect imperfections such as peeling paint or an electric gate that no longer works. They then work to purify the house to make it as neutral as possible, that is to say, by removing family photos, trinkets on display on the fireplace, oversized furniture, etc. The service of a home stager can range from diagnosis to recommendations or the carrying out of work to enhance the property. This professional most often defines his remuneration in relation to the sale price of the property, 1 to 2% of its value.

As part of real estate coaching, this service is included in the overall service offered by the real estate coach.