Internet was a big thing in the past, and now as we progress towards a technologically advanced future, artificial intelligence would be the next big thing that would dominate businesses and industries around the world. In fact, if we look at it closely, this revolution has already started.

Take customer services of various businesses for example. Witnessing artificial intelligence in form of customer support across websites has become a common sighting. They lay the ground work for the actual customer support to find the solution to a customer’s genuine query. In other words, the actual cases that demand human intervention are filtered out by artificial intelligence.

It was just one of the examples, artificial intelligence is beginning to dominate the global operations. All the reasons why, billionaire and philanthropist Mr. Tej Kohli has invested a whopping 100 million $ into robotic focussed ventures.

According to him, “The investment will power the new economy, transform businesses, revolutionise global healthcare and even improve and extend human life”

Furthermore, “Conventional wisdom is too cautious. I predict that the global AI sector will be worth $150 trillion by 2025. My forecast is based on a five-part analysis.”

The five-part analysis conducted by Mr. Tej Kohli included the worth of internet across the world, how AI can be applied to hundreds of industries, growth of AI in China and Silicon Valley that would affect operations across the globe, growth of 5G and how it will impact human life.

So, what makes Artificial intelligence a promising avenue? It’s simple; Artificial intelligence can solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. These problems include poverty, geopolitics and lack of access to healthcare around the world.

Mr Tej Kohli sees a great potential of Artificial intelligence, particularly in healthcare. As per him, this can help every dimension, be it increasing the efficiency of businesses by 70 per cent or to improving global healthcare. He even believes that AI can extend human lifespan. He provides Detraxi as an example – it is a US-based biotech firm that is pioneering and conducting research into artificial blood, which can support organ preservation worldwide.

Currently, AI has been a great helping hand in the health infrastructure. It has supported surgeries across the world and is certainly going to help more. According to the billionaire philanthropist, Mr. Tej Kohli, it can even help cure blindness and improve the quality of life for individuals who have suffered from illnesses and disability. All the reason why, his investment has expanded. He has promised to donate $2 million to Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston. The endavour has been initiated to fund innovation that would work to cure corneal blindness.

His foundation, backed by Dr. Sanduk Ruit supports this initiative. The initiative has already witnessed noteworthy progress in his mission to eliminate avoidable corneal blindness by 2030. All thanks to the numerous outreach camp that have been organised across the economically backward sections of the world to ensure that the needy get better access to quality healthcare that can cure them of blindness.

This is just one of the steps, the journey is still ongoing.  To quote him, “ I believe that AI will enable humanity to take unprecedented leaps forward in solving the most pressing human problems. There is scope for huge commercial gain coupled with unprecedented opportunities for human progress.”

Till then, we are here to witness what AI has in store for us. Whatever it is, it is certain to lead us in the right direction.”