Minor health problems are the most common for all. However, there are sometimes when health problems are critical and need more attention. According to Vedic astrology, the planets are responsible for maintaining and improving health conditions. Are you also suffering from any disease and want to find effective astrological remedies to improve your health? Here are some astrological remedies from a renowned online astrologer that you can prefer to get rid of your bad health and ensure a healthy life forever. These astrological tips are simple yet will necessarily impact a lot on your overall health condition.

Astrological beliefs for diseases

According to astrology, the planets in the native’s birth chart cause the most critical health problems. If the planet has a wrong position in the native’s zodiac, it can create a malefic influence on the native’s health. Vedic astrology believes that different planets have different roles in maintaining and improving health conditions. Let us friends know about the planets and which diseases they control.

The Sun

Sun is associated with human body parts, including the liver, eyes, heart, stomach, skin, and head. Therefore, if the Sun is not present in a person’s horoscope, they can face health problems related to the earlier parts. People with a weak position of the Sun might face health issues like getting unconscious frequently, neurological problems, fever for long days, weakness, etc.

The Moon

A strong position of the Moon will ensure good health conditions in human life. If it is the contrary, the Moon is present in a weak position, which can lead to major health issues. The health issues include kidney, urinary tract, blood, heart, lung disease, asthama, diarrhea, and many more critical diseases.


Mars is believed to control the ‘Roga Dosha.’ This ‘Roga dosha’ is present in the native’s birth chart and control disease like cancer, tumor, ulcer, blood problems, piles, neck and throat problems, skin diseases, etc. Therefore, if Mars is in a weak position, the native may face several health issues.


The right position of Mercury or Budha is crucial to maintaining good health conditions in people. On the other hand, the wrong positioning of Mercury may lead to nerve problems, typhoid, skin problems, paralysis, epilepsy, mental problems, ulcers, mouth problems, hysteria, pneumonia, throat problems, jaundice, dizziness, etc.


The weak position of Jupiter according to an astrologer online in a person’s zodiac can result in several health problems. The most common health issues that a person may face because of the weak position of Jupiter are kidney problems, vision problems, epilepsy, indigestion, jaundice, impotence, etc.


The wrong position of Saturn in a person’s zodiac causes problems like stomach problems, pain in different body parts, paralysis, and defects in hearing. The weak position of this planet can also cause several other health problems like skin problems, muscle pain, etc.


Rahu is considered the shadow planet without having a physical appearance. However, because of the malefic influence of Rahu, the natives can suffer from insanity, cancer, severe body pain, weakness, measles, etc.


Ketu is the serpent planet that controls different health issues in humans. Therefore the weak position of Ketu can result in laziness, weakness, deep wounds, allergies, and more.

Therefore the right position of the planets is considered ideal for getting good health and disease-free. However, astrologers also suggest several remedies to improve one’s health condition.

Astrological remedies to improve health

Gere are some astrological remedies to maintain good health conditions. You can follow these simple tips to maintain planetary positions correctly and get the planets’ blessings.

  1. People can water the Peepal tree daily as it is considered an effective remedy to maintain good health.
  2. Lightning, a diya made with Mehendi and water on any Amavasya morning, is also considered good for eliminating health problems. However, the diya must have four faces. You can place some vermilion or sindoor, seven urad grains, and two drops of curd. You can light this diya with two slices of lemon to lord Shiva or Bhairav Dev.
  3. You can chant the Mahamritunjaya mantra or the Batuk Bhairav Stotra to eliminate certain health problems.
  4. If a person is suffering from a critical disease for long days, they can mix some gangajal with regular water as it is believed that gangajal has several medicinal values.
  5. You can offer sindoor to lord hanuman on Tuesdays and seek the blessing of good health from him.
  6. On Mondays, you can take a ‘saat jata nariyal’ and, after worshiping lord Shiva, offer the coconut to the running water. This is also an effective remedy to get over bad health as well as poverty.
  7. Try to donate to the needy and poor people. Vedic astrology believes that our Karma or good habits ensure good health. If a person maintains a serene life and donates something whenever they get a chance, the ruling planets bless them with good health and prosperity in life.


So, here are some of the best astrological remedies which are the simplest to perform yet provide good health and prosperous life to the native. You can also take suggestions from a renowned online astrologer who can guide you with more astrological remedies for improved health for a lifetime.