If you are suffering from a money crunch or having any financial problems in your life, before making any decision involving a monetary transaction you must first check your horoscope to find out what is the cause behind the setback. This will help you find a long-term solution that can tackle the cause which is accountable for the mess in your financial condition. If it is still not helping, and your problems do not seem to go away, then these easy remedies of astrology could help you with your financial problems for good.

Astrological Remedies to Overcome Financial Problems

A person who is facing financial problems will try every way possible to accomplish stability in life. If you are working hard and still not getting the desired results, it might be because your planetary positions are not favoring you or there is some flaw in your Horoscope. However, some Astrological remedies could help you to improve your financial strength plus get your life back on track. You can also ask astrologer regarding this.

Some financial remedies

Location of Locker-Place the locker or the cabinet in which you keep cash in the South or South-West place of the house. North is the course for Lord Kuber, the god of wealth. Opening the locker in this direction confirms it is stocked with money.

Pray-Saturn can moreover trigger financial grief. You can soothe Saturn by chanting to it. By praying to it frequently you can ward off financial worries in your life.

– Mirror

Put a mirror in front of the locker to let the wealth come in. It will reflect the vision of the locker.

– Be fair

You should never take anything for free. Also you should not offer your talents without a price tag. Confirm money as pay is attained in some measure. Money earned over wrong deeds will never stay. Remember this while making any deal.

– Offer prayers to the tulsi plant

Every evening a Diya or mud-lamp is occupied with pure ghee and recites prayers. This would confirm the stability of wealth and prosperity in the house.

– Feeding Cows

Feeding cows with green grass every Wednesday aids to fight the financial disaster.

No Clutter: one should keep the house clutter-free, as well as broken things or utensils, which must not be kept at any cost.

– Worship Goddess Lakshmi

Offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi every day beforehand starting your day to seek her blessings.

  • Worship Lord Vishnu

Every Friday, offer water to Lord Vishnu using a conch shell opening in the south as this makes Goddess Lakshmi pleased.

– Lady of the House

The lady of the house must try to be in a happy mood plus dress pretty. Every morning, she must also throw a tumbler full of water at the key entrance of the house as it is identified to clear the path for wealth to enter the house.

– Recitation of Mantras

Few Vedic mantras are thought to be an effective remedy of astrology for the recovery of cash and improving the financial position. These are “Shree Sukta” 16 times daily, “Narsimha Lakshmi Karavalamban Stotra”, and “Mahalakshmi ashtakam” 11 times per day, for clearing debts, etc.

– Worship Lord Hanuman

If you truly want to clear your all debts, visit Hanuman Mandir every Tuesday plus recite Hanuman Chalisa. It will make you internally strong to battle any sort of financial distress and achieve affluence in life. However, it is also recommended to avoid eating Non- Vegetarian food on Tuesdays.

– Worship Planet Sun

Another way to get free of all the loans is by worshiping the Planet Sun every morning. This will surely help you to improve your financial steadiness as the planet Sun represents achievement and prosperity.

– Worship Lord Kuber

The means to confirm that you are blessed with wealth and joy is to make certain that you keep Lord Kuber pleased. He is the God of wealth and if you keep him glad, you never fall financially weak and there would never be a lack of anything in your life.

Planets Accountable for Financial Problems

– Mars

Mars is one of the foremost planets that cause debt and money difficulties in a person’s life. The existence of Mars in the 6th Malefic House gives increases debts

– Rahu

If Rahu is present in the benefic house, it will aid you to gain in all possible ways and you would never be under debt. However, the placement of Rahu in the Malefic house gives a sign of short- term debts and the person may feel financially weak.

– Saturn or Shani

You could call Saturn the planet of problems. Saturn haunts you in every sphere of life whether it’s finance, career, business, health, education, marriage, legal matters, etc.


These astrology remedies and ask astrologer will certainly help those facing financial troubles. One can improve his finances efficiently if duly measures are taken afterward consulting a professional astrologer. With these astrological remedies, monetary problems could be eased out and financial status could be improved to a great extent.