Looking for the furniture items for the living room decor, you are at the right place. It becomes challenging for the inhabitants of a small house to decorate the living room. For instance, when buying a living room sofa set, they may get confused about what to buy, where to place the sofa set, and what to buy that will match the rest of the decor in the room. To make the right decision, there are certain things that you need to consider at the time of choosing and buying the items for the living room. 

These are the small considerations that you need to take care of, and the rest of the things will get settled on their own. We have gathered seven living room decor tips for a small house here in this article. For comprehensive understanding, read the article till the end. 

  • Buy small-small furniture items:  

Every piece of furniture counts in a small living room. To save valuable floor space, choose smaller tables and wall sconces. For instance, Two-seater sofas and club chairs are your friends when it comes to seating. Even though they are not as deep as loose-back options, they can still provide the same level of comfort. A floating desk and wall-mounted shelves are more efficient than bulky bookcases and workstations.

  • Take your layout to the next level – Go with the furniture as per the layout and decor:

Due to the limited amount of space in the small house, you must consider outside of the box when it comes to seating arrangements. If the living room’s space is both narrow and long, then you must put the sofas back-to-back to create two seating areas, or you can consider a two-seater sofa

  • Get your living room a loveseat instead of the sofa set: 

If you have a small living room, a bulky sofa can quickly eat up space, so think about other options. There are a variety of sofa styles that may be a better fit for your space. Consider whether you could get by with a ‘snuggler’ or ‘loveseat’ that is just as comfortable but far less intrusive. It can easily accommodate a parent and child or a cuddly couple as it is known as a 1.5 seater.

  • Adding visual interest to a room through decor is a great idea:

To make and draw attention to different areas of the living room, you can place a variety of lighting sources at varying heights. It will make the room seem larger and more interesting. You can balance the scale with a larger attention-getter, including pieces of art or built-in bookshelves. You can add a bold accent wall and wallpaper. It will create an eye-catching gallery wall with artwork or mirrors. 

  • Seating in the style of a café is an option – You can consider it:

If you have ever attempted to eat dinner at a coffee table, then it is impossible unless you don’t mind being hunched over to the point where your nose brushes against your knees. However, a single person or even a couple of people doesn’t require a large dining room table to meet their daily needs. Consider a round café table with two chairs if your living room also serves as a dining room. With the addition of two folding chairs, it can easily be pulled out from the wall to seat four people for a dinner party. 

  • Make a desk out of a console:

A console that is wide enough can also serve as a desk without being like one. This is one of the best advantages to get in addition to being the picture-perfect spot to stash another bit of seating. 

  • Rugs can be used to demarcate functions: 

You can choose a rug just larger than the couch or a sofa set and matching chairs to visually separate the floated sitting area in the middle of the room from the room’s other functions. It will add extra volume to the sofa and will look good with the layout as well. 

  • Increase the amount of light in the room by installing floor-to-ceiling windows:

Nothing beats natural light for making a room feel bigger. Give your back wall to floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows to increase the sense of space in your lounge. In case you have a garden beyond, the sense of light and space will be enhanced even more. 

  • Open the door to the corridor:

While it may appear to be a dramatic move, opening up the wall behind the sofa and revealing the light-filled hallway behind it can increase the sense of space. If your front room feels dark and claustrophobic, this is a clever idea that won’t have a significant impact on the structure of your room because you’ll only be opening up a portion of the wall. Before grabbing a sledge hammer, seek professional advice. 


These are some of the ways through which you can decorate your small living room in an elegant manner. Just make sure you have the floor plan ready to place the things accordingly. If you are buying some of the new stuff for your living room, then have the measurements in your mind and then buy the stuff accordingly; otherwise, it will create a problem further. 

Get your living room multi-functional furniture, use neutral light wall colours, bring a focal point in the view, and try to change the sofa set with some elegant single chair. These are some basic ways in which you can elaborate and modify further. 

Now, if you are buying the new furniture for your small living room, you can take advantage of the summer sale, which is currently live with different offers and is expected to end in mid-June.