To purchase, hold and sell shares and other securities, you need a Demat account. It is a digitally functioning account used to hold dematerialized securities, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), etc.

Let us understand the key benefits of a Demat account

  1. Reduced risk of loss of documents – Chances of losing documents are high in physical bonds and shares. The shares can even get misplaced if you face any natural disaster that compels you to shift. Hence, storing shares in an online format is a far better and safe option as it enables you to have a permanent digital record of your share with Adani power share price.
  2. Avoiding forgery – In the case of physical shares or bonds, the risk of fraud is high. But when it comes to operating a paperless Demat account, you have all the necessary details and authentic data in your record, thereby avoiding forgery or impersonation.
  3. Loan Facility – Apart from using it as a security deposit for your savings, you can access various bank loans through the securities maintained in your Demat account. The securities can be guaranteed as collateral for getting a loan from your bank with Adani power share price.
  4. Cost-Effective – One of the evident benefits of online transactions is cost reduction. Similarly, if you choose to open a Demat account online, it can ease you off the expenses like stamp duty and other handling charges necessary for physical bonds. The only charge that is payable in a Demat account is for brokerage. However, if you opt for discount brokers, you shall be able to save more.
  5. Time Saver – The time taken for buying and selling shares using a Demat account is minimal. Hence, the liquidity of shares is easier in this case. On the other hand, transferring physical shares was a lengthy process. Online transactions are processed in a jiffy because the securities are stored in a dematerialized form with Adani power share price.
  6. Easy Tracking- Another benefit that you can avail yourself of while you open a Demat account is that the number of physical documents is nil. It invariably reduces efforts to keep track of each of them. Therefore, you do not need to maintain a record manually. All your documents are safely held along with the record of each investment with the proper Adani power share price.
  7. No TDS on Demat Securities – One of the issues taxpayers face is TDS or Tax Deduction at Source. Nonetheless, the CBDT- Central Board of Direct Taxes has granted dispensation from TDS when a Demat account holder makes payments from his account. Additionally, no TDS is deducted from the interest that you receive on your bonds and securities. For exemption from TDS, make sure you save your securities in the Demat mode, and they are listed on NSE and BSE.
  8. Global Investment – Globalisation is significantly encouraged with the proliferation of Demat accounts. Foreign investors are given easy access to the Indian stock market through these accounts, thereby benefiting the economy of India while you go with the Adani power share price.