Slot screen is made up of drilled base pipe, a jacket of stainless steel with slots, and an attached ring. It increases the screening efficiency and reduces blinding. The line of the screen is made from the API causing several drills. The benefits are achieved by stressing on-screen panels to generate a long straight wire, vibrating actions and free lodged particles. 

The significant area of the slot screen is an ideal choice for cleaning the materials through elongated particles and silvers. The sizing capacity is perfect and accurate for secondary screening. The density of the array’s spatial slot is passed through digital control, and the precise punching of the filtering jacket is made up of the best quality stainless steel. 

Advantages of slot screen:

  • It is a perfectly smooth and flat surface.

The smooth surface of the screen matches the control formation of sand particle sizes and meets the control requirement very well. Thus, it generates a smooth and flat surface of the slot. 

  • Self-cleaning ability 

The most satisfying and relaxing benefit of slot screens is cleaning. The screens are well equipped and formatted, so the cleaning process does not pay attention. It tends very well and fast, so the time used is minimal and can be concentrated on others. 

  • Great integral strength

The integral strength of the drilled base pipe is 23% lower than that of joint casing or tubing. As a result, it turns out to be necessary strength and withstand compression deformation. Attributes of slot screens

  • Straight slot screens 

It is designed with five filled wires or strips that are merged to enhance the open area and give access to more effective slot screens of wet, bulky, and stick material. Straight slots are made with 6″ to 12″ lengths. 

  • Lock slot screen

It is designed with longer slots positioned under straight wires and three wire clusters. It is also available with parallel slots or perpendicular to particle flow. 

  • Obslot screen

It is a single fil slot with rectangular mesh openings and a relatively short length. The rectangular openings are drawn using one cross-wire, and it is available in places of parallel or perpendicular particle flow. 

  • Krimslot screen

It is designed with crimping between clusters which creates an extended long slot. It can be woven in any slot length and with any number of wires in it. It is used to increase screen actions needed in heavily blinding conditions. 

Slot screen for pulp 

A pulp slot screen is a tool in pulping equipment in the paper industry, and it is used in the fine screening of waste paper pulp and the papermaking process. 

Working styles

  • The screen enters the cavity placed between the cylinder and drum screen basket. 
  • The pressure between the two angles of the pressure screen basket caused the fibres in the pulp to flow into the drum through the slot screen.
  • Then the pulp will drain from the lower water outlet. 

The size of the slot screen (screen gap) determines the screen’s open area. Basically, the larger the screen area of the slot size, the more significant the hole of the slots. At the same time, the screening screen will be increased, but comparatively, the quality will be degraded, and thus it indicates a second screening to be required. 

Final thoughts 

We hope you now have a clear picture of the slot screen in wedge wire; for more information and consulting, you can connect with us.